Education, Learn & Play

Education, Learn and Play Priority Action Area
Bridging educational gaps for students with disabilities by offering a wealth of resources, support, technology, discussions and success stories to empower the community in the field of education.
Facts and Figures
  • 17.3% of pupils in England have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)[Department for Education]
  • 40% of parents or carers of pupils with SEND said they were unable to access support they felt their child needed during COVID [ONS]
  • Only 25% of all pupils with SEND managed to obtain an EHCP [Department of Education]
The Problem
Pupils are not having their basic educational needs met due to disabilities
Our Solutions
  • Connect the community with relevant and timely support
  • Raise awareness on priority topics
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  • Training providers
  • Technology for learning
  • SEND resources/products
  • Charities
  • Paediatric equipment
  • Sensory products/environments
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  • SEND Students
  • SEND practitioners, TAs, CAMHS and SENDCos
  • OTs, SLTs, Physios
  • Families, parents & carers
  • Charities
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  • Fireside chats sharing knowledge, support and success stories
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops and activities

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Area Ambassador

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