Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace

Disability Expo Co-Founder & Director

Alan has worked in and out of the disability industry for the past ten years. He is a software engineer by trade and created the Made2aid search engine. Alan has also completed assessments for multiple products including; wheelchairs, sleep systems and seating and has seen first-hand how this changes people’s lives.

Alan is also Neurodiverse and has had OCD most of his life. He also has an extremely rare autoimmune condition called “Replapsing Polychrondritis“ wherein the immune system attacks the soft cartilage in the body. Recently diagnosed with his RP condition (Oct 2021), Alan was physically debilitated at the beginning of 2022; it was the first time in his life that he genuinely felt disabled, finding daily tasks a struggle like walking, lifting and seeing things very difficult.

Alan and Jade, our two co-founders, are life partners and soon to be married (3rd time trying due to Covid and Alan’s illness), and they have a son called Lochlan.

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