Bethann Siviter

Bethann Siviter

Nurse, Advocate and Author (The Student Nurse Handbook)

Originally from the US, I have always been a community nurse; I am qualified as an "adult" nurse and District Nurse.

My last NHS role was Consultant Nurse for Older People and Professional Nursing Lead.

In 2006 life changed forever when a series of medical errors led to mobility impairment and permanent disability. As a nurse, I thought I understood disability- until it touched me personally: since becoming disabled, I have studied Access Audit, Equality Legislation and Disability Rights, and offer independent advocacy for disabled people and training in Disability Awareness and Disability Rights.

In 2011, I was partnered with a Canine Partners Assistance Dog who was specifically trained to support me in my work environment. She was, we believe, the first Assistance Dog to work with an active NHS nurse.

I am the author of The Student Nurse Handbook (Elsevier), wrote a monthly column for Primary Healthcare (RCNi) from 2005-2019, was twice shortlisted for PPA "Columnist of the Year", and have spoken widely on student nursing, disability, person-focused record keeping/ documentation, and on Assistance Dogs.

I live in the Black Country outside Birmingham with my wonderful husband, and my four-legged carer Taska, my Assistance Dog.

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