Ian Taverner

Ian Taverner

Mr Cookfulness

I'm Ian, Mr Cookfulness, and I'm all about making cooking fun, accessible, adaptable, flexible, fun, exciting and a huge boost for your physical and mental health.

I'm the author of Cookfulness, the first cookbook of its kind designed for and by the wonderul disabled and chronically illness communities.

I am the feature recipe writer for PosAbility and Able magazines.

I run cooking courses, workshops, programmes and shows, all to help as many people who find it hard in the kitchen, to turn that pain and anxiety into happiness and joy!

Cooking has become my absolute go to therapy in life with disability and chronic illness.

I know just how hard cooking can be, mentally and physically, but I've found ways to get around, over or even smash straight through the many barriers the kitchen throws at you.

My mission now is to help you find them too and get the incredible, super inspiring and ultra positivity that cooking and creating can bring!

Cooking for Everyone!
Adaptable, Flexible, Accessible, Fun!

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