Jody Klaire

Jody Klaire

Award-winning author, former police officer & law student.

Jody Klaire is an award-winning author of several series and many works championing characters who are a little bit different. Even so, she is better known for her trusty fluffy sidekick, Fergus, who often steals the show and hearts all while effortlessly taking care of her.

As an ex-police officer and target of crime, she has a unique perspective from both law enforcement and public perspectives. In addition, she is now a third year law student working her way through the uncertain and tortuous process of becoming a barrister.

Whether teaching underrepresented groups in another continent to find their voices; mentoring experienced and new authors through tricky PhD level writing techniques or listening to readers who would suffer extreme punishment for being themselves, Jody is known for her positivity and passion for lifting others.

As she battles her way into the legal profession with both genetic and acquired disabilities, her message remains the same: disability is a superpower; being different is an asset, and smiling is virtue.

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