Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler

Freedom Wheelchair Skills

Stuart Wheeler, 47-year-old paraplegic, post thirty years. I am married with a son. Enjoying the great outdoors, my wheelchair skills have given me the advantage of accessing some places that otherwise may not be available for me to get to. After several jobs, one of which was working for a Spinal Injury Charity and developing a wheelchair skills programme with them, I realised there was a need for wheelchair skills for a broader range of people. Never having run a business before, I reached out to people I know for advice, and after web design and speaking to solicitors, I decided to launch Freedom Wheelchair Skills. I take pride in my training with experience, knowledge and care.

9:20 am - 9:50 am
Have a Go (Friday)

Wheelchair Skills Power and Manual

Which has encouraged them to lead more independent lives. I have been approached by wheelchair users with a range of disabilities in my community and asked if I could teach them wheelchair skills. I have come to realise there are many more wheelchair users in the country that don’t get the benefits of peer-led wheelchair skills training. This is why I have started up Freedom Wheelchair Skills.

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