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Mind and Wellbeing - Friday July 5, 2024
9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Shelley Holroyd OLY

National Sports Development Manager for the UK, NI & Ireland - UK HADO. Creator & developer of the world’s first ParaHADO programme.

Matthew Allcock (The Wobbly Gamer)

Visually Impaired/Disabled Streamer, Content Creator and Accessibility Consultant.

Zaynab Sohawon

TEDx Speaker, Multi-Award Winning Youth Mental health advocate, Charity Founder, Neuroscientist, Young Innovator 22/23

Melody Powell

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Twitch Streamer, Social Media Content Creator

Simon O’Gorman

Managing Director at TRaC Defence and Adapt-IT Limited

Alex Perkins

Senior Manager Community Engagement

Nic Bungay

Director of Housing & Assets at Habinteg

Jacqui Sampson

Director Workforce Staffing Ops HR - Amazon

Amy Mackay

Senior Program Manager for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Amazon

Naomi Johnson

Disability Inclusion Leader, Amazon / Co-Director of Neurodiversity for Amazon PWD (People with Disabilities) Global Affinity Group

Kate Headley

Director UK Government Disability & Access Ambassador for the Recruitment Industry

Jurgen Donaldson

WFS Community Engagement Disability Inclusion programme manager at Amazon

Jane Hatton

Founder/CEO - Evenbreak

Alan Wallace

Disability Expo Co-Founder & Director

Helen Clawson

Founder of Adaptive Clothing UK

Steve Pearson

Multi-award winning Entrepreneur and Innovator, CEO of Sm@rt Technology Ltd


Lifestyle Content Creator & Blogger

Chandos Green

Chandy is a disability and mental health campaigner with a passion for helping people know more about disability rights and how to be an ally for disabled people.

Ebony Quow

Proud DEI advocate, passionate about being a positive role model and driver for change. Lead People Business Partner for Technology at JD Sports Group.

Warren Stapley

DEI and Responsible Business Specialist, Disability Rights Advocate

Chloé van Dalen

Disability Consultant, content creator, writer, interviewer, speaker

Gavin Neate

Founder & CEO WelcoMe

Dan White

Policy and campaigns Officer, Author, Columnist

Lord (Chris) Holmes of Richmond MBE

House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology

Sylvia Mac

Founder of Love Disfigure Talent Agency

Asa Hems

Access Advisor, CAE

Carly Tait

Paralympian, Diversity & Inclusion consultant and Brand & Marketing specialist

Dominic Lund-Conlon

Accessibility & Inclusion Manager

Josh Wintersgill

Award-winning entrepreneur

Tailfeather Dance

Tailfeatherdance provides young adult dancers with additional learning needs a creative platform to explore dance and develop dance, movement and performance skills in different genres.

Emily Yates

Journalist and Speaker

Tabitha Fung

Founder of Wheely Brits, wheelchair tennis player, disability advocate, ambassador and model

Christopher Wood MBE

Aviation Accessibility Consultant

Paula Marten

Chailey Heritage Foundation – Assistant Headteacher

Helen Dunman

Chailey Heritage Foundation

Adam Hyland

Director of Accessibility and Inclusion and Co-Founder

Chantal Boyle

Communications Manager - Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

Robbie Crow

BBC Strategic Disability Lead - Disability Workforce Leader

Nubarnu Somani

PhD student - Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research and Vision & Hearing Research Centre

Terri Louise Brown

CEO and Founder of Talks with MS

Kris Foster

Co founder of Open Book

Laura Mathias

Visible Difference Campaigner

David Agar

Entrepreneur FinTech Leader

Nick Wilson

Disabled Adventurer

Kate Stanforth

Dance Teacher, Charity Founder, Disability Activist, Model, and PR manager

Marie Martin

SEND Warrior Mum

Neil Annis

Fostering Together - for children with disabilities - Managing Director

Ciara Lawrence

Learning Disability Campaigner, Mencap Big Plan Engagement Lead & Podcaster

Pippa Stacey

Disabled Writer, Speaker, and Influencer

Matt Brinkley

Inclusive Exercise Specialist

Dayna Halliwell

Social Media Content Creator

Cristina Serrão

Lived Experience Ambassador - NHS England

Ashley Archer

Disability Advocate PWB, Founder of Rise Above Limits.

Karen Pearce

The Wheelchair Alliance

Gee Griffiths

Commissioner for Wheelchair American Football

Chad Bouton

Podcast Host of Unsyted Radio

Dan Pearce

Senior Accessibility Mentor, Great Western Railways

Nate Williams

Chair and Founder, The Ability Group in Sport (TAGS)

Hester Grainger

Neurodiversity Consultant, Co-founder of Perfectly Autistic

Roxy Murray

Sex and Body Positivity, Queer MS & Disability Activist

Jody Klaire

Award-winning author, former police officer & law student.

Miranda McCarthy

Adaptive Yoga Live

Sukhjeen Kaur

Founder of Chronically Brown

Solène Anglaret

Author, Presenter, and Entrepreneur.

Bethann Siviter

Nurse, Advocate and Author (The Student Nurse Handbook)

Shezad Nawab (MBE)

Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of ICE Ventures Ltd

Paul White

Chief Executive Officer at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

James Leinhardt

Founder & CEO of Levitex. Chief Sleep Posture Expert.

Puneet Singh Singhal

DEI Practitioner for NASA & Founder of Ssstart

Christina Warner

Barrister & Multi award winning advocate and campaigner.

Richard Amm

Disability, Design & Innovation MSc. Research Psychologist BSc.

Andy Craddock

Birmingham Wheelchair Basketball. Inspiration of the Year finalist 2022

Mike Cowan-Jones

Director, ARMS Rehab Limited.

Celia Chartres-Aris (nèe Hensman)

Disability Founder & Investor

J Grange

Musician, Songwriter, International Public Speaker and Neurodiversity Advocate

Alex Winstanley

Children's Author & Award Winning Social Entrepreneur

Shaun Flores

OCD Advocate, Speaker, Model, Actor.

Anna Landre

Disability Justice Activist

Jamie Shields

Founder of Inclusivi-T

Mark Webb

Public Speaker and Campaigner

Martin Dougan

BBC Newsround Presenter. Paralympic Commentator & Torchbearer.

Mik Scarlet

Journalist, Broadcaster, EDI consultant and co-CEO of Phab charity.

Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Presenter (Channel 4 and talkSPORT), Journalist and DJ.

Eva Abley

Comedian & Britain's Got Talent finalist

Samantha Renke

Actress, Broadcaster, Writer, Disability Rights Campaigner, D& I Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Adam Pearson

Award-winning disability rights campaigner, actor, presenter and speaker

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Slot 1


  • Date : July 5, 2024 - July 6, 2024
  • Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (UTC+0)
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