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Here at Bibetta we design and manufacture a range of smart, innovative and practical products to help make everyday family life fun and relaxing. We use a range of technical fabrics and clever little design ideas to create products that give you all the features you are looking for, such as the best comfort, style, waterproofing, easy cleaning and durability.

The idea for Bibetta was born when a love of surfing bumped into family life. Bibetta’s founder, Paul Brown, a product designer, dad and keen surfer, tried many different types of bibs on their baby daughter but soon realised that none were ideal; whereas his wetsuit material, neoprene, would provide the perfect solution. Neoprene is ideal as it is naturally waterproof, stretchy, has a soft, friendly feel, is almost stain-proof and is tough and durable; the perfect material for bibs!

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