Jade Godier, CEO of RISE4Disability: Integration is imperative to delivering person-focused services within health and social care

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Step into the dynamic world of healthcare innovation with Jade Godier, the forward-thinking co-founder and CEO of RISE, who brings a wealth of 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector to the forefront. In this exclusive interview, Jade passionately explores the roots of RISE, a brilliant initiative that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of healthcare events.

Uncover the compelling narrative behind RISE’s inception, fueled by a commitment to person-focused care and integration, and gain invaluable insights into its seamless collaboration with the Disability Expo, promising a fantastic series of events throughout 2024.


What are the origins of the RISE events, and how have the events evolved over the years?

Jade Godier: RISE was started off the back of our successful CPD seminars, lunch and learns and open days that I would host for large groups of Occupational Therapists across the UK. We were asked to host an open day for a client that supplied housing adaptations in Enfield, which attracted over 250 OTs from North London and Essex.

The following year, we were asked by another client to host an open day at their premises in Dartford in Kent; when visiting, we thought space might be an issue when our client suggested we could move it to Dartford football grounds as they were Chair of the club. We saw the opportunity in this space, and our first RISE was born. We then made connections with the local authority and met Jane Miller, Principle OT for Kent, and we have had a growing relationship with Kent OTs and the community ever since. This model was then moved to other regional areas.


What is the guiding ethos that underpins RISE and influences its direction?

Jade Godier: RISE stands for Resource Identity Solutions & Equipment, and that is exactly what the event provides through our exhibitors and OT presenters to support health professionals within health, social care and the private sector. Our slogan is Uniting Disability Services, and a key focus of the event is the importance of integrated working not only within health and social care, but by connecting suppliers and customers.

People and their circumstances are very individual; one size doesn’t fit all, and we want delegates to learn from lived experience of disability, their colleagues’ experiences in their field of expertise as well as harness the imperative knowledge and skills that equipment representatives can provide.

In what ways does RISE set itself apart from Disability Expo, and where do you see alignment and synergies between the two?

Jade Godier: Disability Expo was created off the back of our RISE event, which attracted a lot of people within the disability community looking to find information and network. However, the focus of our content and exhibitors is more clinically focused for AHPs (predominantly OTs).  We created a zone within RISE called Ability and Advice, but we soon outgrew this and decided to create a lived experience-focused event in a more centralised, accessible location for the disabled community.

As mentioned, integration is imperative to delivering person-focused services within health and social care, so there is still very much synergy between the two events, and they will have elements that feature within each other. For example, charities and lived experience speakers are fundamental elements of a delegate’s learning at our RISE events. At the Disability Expo, we will hold our own RISE Priority Action Area that will bring health and social care-based delegates to the event to learn from the community they serve.


RISE will have a series of roadshows this year and will be a Priority Action Area within Disability Expo itself. What type of content and exhibitors can attendees anticipate at these events?

Jade Godier: RISE Roadshows will be held in Sunderland, Kent, and Scotland this year, and the content will very much be focussed on the agenda of the work that the local authorities are providing to help promote better integrated and efficient working to deliver patent focussed solutions.

Our Therapy Integration theatre will see members of staff working within acute, social care, housing, mental health, paediatrics, education, rehab etc, talk about their work and the challenges they have faced. This is to offer insight across the allied health field so that there is more collaboration as we advance.

This Theatre has been a well-established format within Kent for many years and is always a key element that attracts hundreds of delegates. We also will have our Connect to Care workshops, which will offer hands-on practical problem-solving based on a particular scenario – where you will have to work as a team with delegates to create a solution.

RISE Roadshow will also appear at Disability Expo as a Priority action area, targeting allied health professionals to learn from lived experience and how better-integrated working will deliver a more personalised approach to care and services.

Who would benefit from attending the RISE Roadshow events or visiting its Priority Action Area within Disability Expo?

Jade Godier: Any person who supports the disability sector from a healthcare or community setting, OTs, physios, nurses, HCAs, housing associations, home improvement agencies, speech-language therapists, wheelchair services, rehab engineers, DFG facilitators, care home managers, social care managers, hospital procurement, carers, family support network, and those with lived experience of health and social care services.


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