Lauren Gilbert wins “Influencer of the Year” at Sense Charity Awards

We were thrilled to hear that Lauren Gilbert, who will be a panelist at Disability Expo, as well as being our Neurodiversity in Higher Education Ambassador, was recently named ‘Influencer of the Year’ at the Sense charity awards.

After receiving an autism diagnosis in November 2021, Lauren, also known as Neurodiversity with Lozza, spreads awareness around issues faced by the disabled community through easy to read, accessible posts. Lauren’s work is used by mental health nurses to educate about autism in the workplace.

Lauren shares her personal experiences honestly and openly to help others and spoke about them at the Manchester Autism Show 2022. On top of this, they are disability officer at their Students’ Union, where they fight for the rights and access needs of their fellow students

In response to their award Lauren said, ”I still can’t believe I’ve won, all the others that were nominated have been huge role models for me and I look up to them so much, so I feel so lucky to have not only been nominated but to have won too. It really means a lot; I never intended to become an ‘influencer’ of any kind, I just really enjoy writing about my own experiences, political issues and making information accessible to people. If that helps even one person then that’s a win.”

You can see some of Lauren’s insights and educational posts on Instagram – @neurodiversitywithlozza

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