Money and Legal Matters

Money & Legal Matters Priority Action Area for the Disability Expo
Offering expert guidance, resources, and insights to navigate financial aid, legal services, and effective money management.
Facts and Figures
  • The average disabled household has £975 a month in extra costs [Scope]
  • 12% of digital banking customers with a disability found it difficult to navigate their bank’s website [Which?]
  • 26% of disabled adults feel they have been charged more for insurance or denied cover because of their impairment or condition [Scope]
The Problems
  • Lack of accessibility
  • Discrimination
Our Solution
Bring together all stakeholders to make the industry more accessible and information readily available
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  • Financial services
  • Legal
  • Ancillary services
  • Government
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  • Disabled community
  • General public
  • Financial, legal, and ancillary industries
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  • Panel discussions
  • Fireside chats

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Area Ambassador

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Meet Terri-Louise Brown: Founder of Talks With M.S., Disability Advocate and Money & Legal Matters Champion. Discover, in our exclusive interview, her personal journey as a Black disabled woman, navigating corporate challenges, and the inspiration behind her involvement in this particular area of the event.

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