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Scott Whitney, our Home & Lifestyle Champion, shares his views on the different barriers that disabled people face in finding or adapting accessible housing, and how these issue may be addressed.

Workplaces are not just about the job anymore, but also a place where everyone can feel good and included.

Tanya Marwaha is one of our Champions for the Workplace & Inclusive Cultures priority action area. In this exclusive interview, she shares her experiences of living with Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome...

The concept of inclusive education is the cornerstone for creating learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of all students.

Shelley Holroyd OLY, our Sports & esports Champion, unfolds the chapters of her remarkable athletics and coaching career and delves into her personal experiences with disability.

The media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions of disability in sports. Positive representation not only fosters inclusivity but also inspires future generations of athletes with disabilities.

Meet Terri-Louise Brown: Founder of Talks With M.S., Disability Advocate and Money & Legal Matters Champion. Discover, in our exclusive interview, her personal journey as a Black disabled woman, navigating corporate challenges, and the inspiration behind her involvement in this particular area of the event.

There is a disconcerting reality that there are pervasive issues that demand immediate attention and systematic reform.

Step into the dynamic world of healthcare innovation with Jade Godier, the forward-thinking co-founder and CEO of RISE, who brings a wealth of 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector to the forefront.

As we converge to celebrate diversity and advocate for a more accessible world, one of the key focal points is the transformative impact of assistive technology in shaping a comfortable and inclusive home living environment.

Matt Allcock, better known as The Wobbly Gamer, is a video games accessibility consultant, accessibility advocate, disabled content creator and streamer, and our Gaming Champion.

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