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Adapt-IT are suppliers of assistive technology, including, specialist computer equipment, software, and services. We strive to provide products that allow everyone to have a comfortable and effective computing experience, without the fuss.

Our mission is to make IT secure and accessible for people with disabilities, temporary or permanent, in all aspects of life. No one should have to face barriers when trying to do their job, studies, or hobbies.

Adapt-IT Limited was created in 2001 by Martyn Slyper, to provide Assistive Technology, such as, specialist computer equipment, software, and training, to allow adults and children to use technology in the most efficient and comfortable way. In 2021, it was bought by Simon and Jane O’Gorman of TRaC Defence Holdings Limited, a specialist organisation for Cyber Security and IT service provision. With team member Jess, we will continue this ethos and champion secure and accessible IT for everyone.

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