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Nobody ever takes disability seriously…why should we!
The worlds most popular independent disability show. Brought to you by your four favourite Grumpy Gits; Adam Pearson, Simon Sansome, Chris Leasmith, and Duncan Casburn.

Tune-in as we put the world to rights on a show by show basis. On each show we give you our take on topical issues affecting disability, have an occasional political moan and sometimes bring you breaking news about explosions in ‘Petits Filous’ factories.

Often we bring guests onto the show to be interviewed and we are proud to have hosted Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Greg Butler (Fallen State) and Paralympic Medallists Liz Wright and Aaron Phipps.

Simon Sansome
Simon Sansome

Simon – Executive & award-winning film producer co-owns a film and television production company called Branded
Studios. Simon is a qualified journalist & founder of Ability Access the world’s most read disability page. Simon is
disabled and has spinal damage – a condition called ‘cauda equina syndrome’. He is the 51st most influential disabled
person in the UK pipped to the top 50 by Adam Pearson. Sue Gray is investigating the ranking process, we’ll wait for the
report to be published and promptly ignore it.

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