Translation and Captions

Wordly provides real-time translation and captions into 30+ languages for attendees at in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, events, & on-demand videos. Wordly is powered by AI and does not require human interpreters or special equipment – making it faster, easier, and more affordable to use. Output options include audio, subtitles, and transcripts. Each attendee can select their own language and join using their mobile phone or computer.

Wordly enables organizations to unlock the potential of their multilingual teams and global markets by removing language barriers, increasing inclusivity, engagement, productivity, and attendance. Wordly is used by over 600 organizations and 1.5 million users for a wide range of use cases, including industry conferences, customer webinars, sales kickoff meetings, partner training, employee onboarding, and much more. Customers include small and large businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, industry associations, and local governments.

<strong>Dave Deasy</strong>
Dave Deasy

Dave is a marketing executive with extensive experience building high growth B2B SaaS and online businesses.

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