What our delegates have to say about Disability Expo…

Disability Expo ’23 at the London Excel was a great day, for meeting like-minded people, exhibits with opportunity, innovation and showcasing of new products & ideas. The environment was spacious, calm and full of friendly and inviting people. First time at an event like this, I took away a lot of information, gained new contacts and thoroughly enjoyed the day.
This is the first time coming to this event and I was so impressed. I work with students with SEN needs and there was so much information about companies that do supported internships, talks by professionals, an abundance of leaflets to take with us and amazing opportunities for all. Everyone was super friendly and helpful with any questions asked. Would definitely come again and recommend to people going forward! Great event.
Layna Edwards
The Disability EXPO is the place to go for meeting disabled people, who can help employers become more diverse and accessible. I learned so much about other disabilities and of the many barriers created by ignorance. It was great to see and hear of a range of innovative practice and technologies that are inclusive of disabled people. Thank you to the organisers and to all who participated.
It was my first time going to the expo. As a 2nd year OT student, I got so much out of this. I only went to one talk there but it was brilliant. The stalls were amazing & so informative. I work for the nhs, so we don’t really get to see all the products available for our clients. It was such an enriching, thought provoking & inclusive experience. I’ve been raving about it to all my colleagues who want to go next year.
DisabilityExpo is a great opportunity to meet and listen to other disabled people. You can learn far more about living as a disabled person from disabled people themselves than you can from any textbook or medical explanation. At Disability Expo you can learn about disabilities you may be unfamiliar with, it’s always good to learn how to understand people living in different circumstances and how they view things. There’s charities and services present that can offer solutions to so many social barriers.
Mr. Daniel Moore
We’re relatively new to the disability community – Angela had an accident in May 22 resulting in a spinal cord injury – now a wheelchair-user. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Disability Expo. I knew there would be many exhibitors that provided services that wouldn’t apply to us – disability has such a wide range. What I hadn’t expected was just how welcoming everyone was. At most exhibitions you’re afraid of getting ‘grabbed’ by a salesman selling what you don’t want. That was not what Disability Expo was like. We had lots of fascinating conversations with exhibitors and other visitors, so we left feeling stronger and inspired.
Richard and Angela Genn
A welcoming and friendly crowd. Great conversations with a diverse range of voices and the opportunity for chance meetings. I stayed way longer than I planned to and came away uplifted.
Me and my husband weren’t sure about coming to Disability Expo at first as we hadn’t heard of it before, but we really enjoyed the day. We felt welcome straight away and there were so many people smiling and chatting away, so it felt like a community that understood us. It was a refreshing change from some of the other stuffy events we’ve been to before.
Visiting the Disability Expo opened my eyes, ears & mind to what equipment & help is out there & available.
Kaz from Kent
Very informative day out, plenty of information for people living with disability, from mobility to make up … Venue was easily accessible, plenty of room to get around without difficulty. A worthwhile event.
Disability Expo was a fun and informative day out. There were a variety of events which were entertaining and light hearted and thought provoking discussions. The stalls of organisations and businesses with accessible products and services all under one roof, usefully enabled me to discover and test out a range of aids and adaptions. It was a friendly, safe and accessible space and I hope this will become an annual event.
Must say this Disability Expo was my the best I attended where I felt the genuine warmth as a non disabled person accompanying and observing. I saw for myself Community spirit at its best and I got the feeling most of the participants were so sincere and willing the community. The Venue was simply superb and long may it continue to be every year.
I had the best day at Disability Expo. It was great being able to chat to people about my role as a disabled nurse. But also providing information about my assistance dog and how he helps me. I can’t wait till next year!
Chloë Hammond. Complex Care Nurse – Radis Community Care
I had the best day at Disability Expo. It was great being able to chat to people about my role as a disabled nurse. But also providing information about my assistance dog and how he helps me. I can’t wait till next year!
Chloë Hammond. Complex Care Nurse – Radis Community Care
Really enjoyed my first ever experience at the Disability Expo! It was so refreshing to be in such an inclusive environment, learn about new technologies and equipment, as well as meeting some great people. Thanks for a great day!
Leo Aces Collins, The Queer Disabled Coach
The opportunity to see a variety of disability-related companies all in one place opened my world up as to all the options out there for me.
I was not sure what to expect – but what I experienced was a lively event with lots of laughter. Reception staff were first rate.a good mix of retailers and activities
I had an amazing time at Disability Expo 2023! It was great to see so many disabled innovators, designers, creators, businesses and allies all under the same roof with one thing in common: passion for disability inclusion and accessibility. I met some really great people and I can’t wait for next year. Hopefully bigger and better!
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