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Dating with a Disability

As a disabled person, dreaming of romance can feel like a pipe dream. When my loved ones spend so much energy helping me get from day to day, it sometimes feels greedy to want more for myself than just getting by. But it isn’t greedy to look for love, and forging human connections is not a luxury.

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Workplace Accessibility

In this blog we are highlighting an issue many of our members talk to us about on social media. It’s a hot topic often talked about in the news but not given much of a thought thereafter and that’s accessibility in the workplace.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt making his autumn statement in the House of Commons, 17 November. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament/AFP/Getty Images

NHS trialing “heating prescriptions”

As we enter the festive and winter period, now more than ever disabled people are facing an energy crisis with many feeling the impact of costs increasing rapidly.  A recent article by the Guardian looked at the news that the NHS is running a trial on “heating prescriptions”. As a means of helping those who cannot afford soaring prices on their bills.

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Purple Tuesday: 5 Actionable Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience For People With Disabilities.

Today is Purple Tuesday, a global social movement working to improve the customer experience for millions of people worldwide who have some form of disability. Organisations around the world are encouraged to develop their understanding and commit to developing practical solutions that will increase their accessibility. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some practical steps you can take this Purple Tuesday.

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