Duncan Casburn

Duncan Casburn

Duncan is an Australian, so you’ll have to read this bio slowly so he can keep up. Loving father to an autistic daughter & husband to a neurodivergent wife – Duncan has become an advocate for the SEND community through his Caring Role and his YouTube channel: PDA Dad UK. Duncan is also an Ambassador for The PDA Society, DIAS, Devon Carers and The Parent Carer Forum. Duncan is also a passionate musician – his neighbours state: “He’s loud, not talented”.

10:30 am - 11:15 am
Centre Stage (Friday)

The Grumpy Gits Game Show

11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Centre Stage (Thursday)

Chat: The Grumpy Gits podcast

Do you ever find disability shows to be a bit heavy and draining? It's enough to make you very grumpy, We at the Grumpy Gits agree! That's why we created The Grumpy Gits Show, a regular disability related discussion show with emphasis on entertainment and humour. Our four hosts; Adam Pearson (TV, Hollywood film star), Martin Dougan (BBC Newsround), Duncan Casburn (PDA DAD UK), Chris Leasmith (3 Guys & a Console) join forces to discuss current events, disability related issues, interview prominent guests, and generally argue and make fun of each other. As proud partners with Disability Expo, we are excited to be performing two live shows at the event. On day one we will be presenting a live Grumpy Gits show including all of your regular favourite segments; these will include our usual banter, our patented See You Next Tuesday, and discussion on current areas of interest with special guests - all with our usual tongue-in-cheek style. On day two we will be presenting a special game show; in the style of your favourite comedy panel shows. So come and join The Grumpy Gits for some laughter packed and poignant discussion, banter, and fun. Nobody takes disability seriously so why should we? #DontBeGrumpyAlone.

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