Our Priority Action Areas

Our priority action areas are bringing together the disabled community with providers of support, products, and services, as well as health and social care. Our Partners, Sponsors, Champions, and Ambassadors are working with us to turn these goals into impactful realities.

Mind & Well-being Priority Action Area

A curated space for mental health, well-being, and neurodiversity. Featuring support services, charities, latest research, and engaging discussions in our dedicated theatre.

Home and Lifestyle Priority Action Area

A hub of home and lifestyle solutions, showcasing equipment and service providers, funding resources, and panel discussions on accessible housing and independent living.

Education, Learn & Play Priority Action Area

Bridging educational gaps for students with disabilities by offering a wealth of resources, support, technology, discussions and success stories to empower the community.

Gaming Priority Action Area for the Disability Expo

Uniting all abilities with hands-on gaming experiences, competitions, and cutting-edge assistive tech, paving the way toward an industry standard for accessible gaming.

Travel & Adventure Priority Action Area at the Disability Expo

Empowering disabled individuals to explore the world fearlessly by uniting industry experts, sharing information and open discussions.

Money & Legal Matters Priority Action Area for the Disability Expo

Offering expert guidance, resources, and insights to navigate financial aid, legal services, and effective money management.

Workplace & Inclusive Cultures Priority Action Areas

Fostering inclusive cultures and redefining workplaces through insightful discussions, resources, and connections.

Sports and esports Priority Action Area

Celebrating every ability and experiencing a diverse variety of activities in the have-a-go arena.

Immersive Performance Priority Action Area

An immersive entertainment experience for all ages and abilities, celebrating music, dance, fashion and comedy.

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London Edition at the Disability Expo

Uniting Health, Social care and Service providers to deliver person-focused and integrated care.

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