Hester Grainger

Hester Grainger

Neurodiversity Consultant, Co-founder of Perfectly Autistic

Hester Grainger is a neurodiversity consultant, co-founder of Perfectly Autistic, a radio presenter and former TV presenter who was diagnosed with ADHD in her forties. Together with her husband Kelly who is autistic and also has ADHD, they run Perfectly Autistic. The neurodiversity consultancy works with organisations to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity in the workplace and works with parents and education settings around autism and ADHD. Hester is also mum to her two children who are autistic and have ADHD, so has lived and learned experience.

Hester started her career as a presenter on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, she then worked at ITV on shows including Loose Women and Today With Des and Mel. Most recently Hester has presented her own show on BBC Radio Berkshire.

As a freelance writer, Hester has contributed to the Huffington Post and Readers Digest writing about autism, ADHD and parenting. She has also been quoted in Forbes, Fortune magazine, Stylist, iNews, Evening Standard, BBC News and The Daily Telegraph, to name a few.

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