Shezad Nawab (MBE)

Shezad Nawab (MBE)

Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of ICE Ventures Ltd

Shezad Nawab is a Birmingham based entrepreneur with several years of experience under his belt, knows the importance of running your own business. He offers a unique opportunity to new businesses and start-ups to help them nurture. With his wealth of practical knowledge, experience, and insight into entrepreneurship, he helps start-ups, scale-ups and seed-ups to develop and grow their business.

Shezad has a wide network of business contacts and business portfolios. He aims to inspire, grow and connect with ambitious and experienced entrepreneurs. His mission is to increase the number of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK through networking and collaboration. Since 2009, he has been empowering, and counselling deaf people in business and entrepreneurship as well as supporting Disabled and non-disabled entrepreneurs. He offers knowledge, skills, and mastery in business by teaching with the help of visual aids and sign language. He possesses a set of values, beliefs, ideas, insights and a better understanding of the business world.

He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been honoured with a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services in the field of business and diversity. He strives to help the deaf community in getting their voices heard in the world of business and to assist them in sparking their own growth. He can effectively prepare business presentations, seminars, keynotes and workshops for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. He is using his expertise and experience in helping prepare the next generation of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK, by providing them with a great index of resources.

Running your own business might be the ultimate quest. Now, there’s more support than ever for deaf entrepreneurs willing to take the leap.

Through making resources and business information more accessible, Shezad aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and mainstream businesses. Some of his public speaking appearances include comprehensive and practical advice on numerous topics, with a profound discussion on risk management and even the delicate subject of managing businesses in difficult times

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