What is the IMatter Movement?

The IMatter movement is a platform that we have created to empower people with any type of disability. Allowing them to be heard, share their stories and engage with other members of the community and society as a whole. Our differences make us even more unique, and we want to show everyone we are proud of who we are.  

Research has found that a large amount of the underlying motivation for disability hate crimes is the view that disabled people are on benefits and are, therefore, lazy and “scroungers”. These are the views that we need to challenge.  Being disabled doesn’t mean you’re on benefits, and if you are it is for a reason. Everyone is entitled to support when needed. Why the hate? There should be more support.

We are not just celebrating our individuality

IMatter is not just about being proud, it is about promoting real change. We want to tackle the government on the most pressing issues for our community as one powerful voice. We are not here just to be heard; we will be seen and taken seriously.

Below are stats from  Hate crime, England and Wales, 2021 to 2022 – GOV.UK

Year17/1818/1919/2020/2121/22% Change 21 to 22
Disability Hate Crime 7,2218,250covid9,94514,24243%
How can we celebrate and promote change?

We want to make a statement at our Disability Expo event at London ExCeL on the 7th July 2023, with a celebratory March. Please join us in wearing bright and vibrant colours and bringing banner flags to show the world we are proud to be disabled. We shouldn’t be treated any differently for who we are.

Join us

We want your videos,  a quick video of you saying “IMatter and we will publish this on our website and media channels. We will be one voice and we want to be heard.

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