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Phab inspires and supports disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults to make more of life together – breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation, and creating opportunities for all involved to enjoy the same activities and challenges side by side.

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The Phab family consists of 130 Phab Clubs across England and Wales with 8,000 members that enable disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults to get together with friends and family for all kinds of activities and social events. As well as Phab Camps, very special Inclusive Living Experience Residential Projects that enable disabled or disadvantaged children, young people and young adults to experience a whole range of challenging and exciting activities at fully accessible outdoor activity centres. And finally Special Phab Events, one off occasions where Phab and partners offer inclusive experiences to foster growth in confidence and memory building.

In 2022 Phab celebrated a landmark, marking 65 years since its birth supporting disabled and non-disabled people to build friendships, memories and confidence together. The Disability Expo marks the launch of the new Phab brand, exciting new projects and sponsors. The Phab Have A Go Zone captures perfectly the Phab ethos. Come visit us and enjoy the ride!

<strong>Mik Scarlet</strong><br>Co-CEO of Phab
Mik Scarlet
Co-CEO of Phab

After a long career working in the media and inclusion, Mik started working as Co-CEO, alongside Dawn Vickers, in 2022.
Disabled since birth, and with a long relationship as a supporter of Phab, he is working with the amazing Phab team,
board and trustees to continue the vital work of Phab while bringing the charity into the 21st century. Championing
the Social Model of Disability and full engagement with all that enjoy Phab’s work, Mik and Dawn are proud to lead
Phab into the future.

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