Chad Bouton

Chad Bouton

Podcast Host of Unsyted Radio

Chad Bouton is a driven advocate of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and its effects and impacts on those who are born with RP. Chad is professionally trained in speaking to audiences on the impacts of RP, how to positively live with RP, and the sensational value that Guide Dogs (Andros, pictured is Chads guide dog) provide to their handler.

Chads passion is communicating with others to provide knowledge, insight, and understanding.

Chad’s passion for outreach allowed him to excel at SEGD, working with companies like Progressive Insurance, Boar’s Head, Pepsi, Subaru, and multiple local and national banks. He coordinated event planning activities in support of over $1M in annual revenue and managed a portfolio of 50 individuals whose contributions exceeded $45K for the Emerald Coast Walk for Hope walk-a-thon.

As Chad’s passion continues to grow, he is increasing his influence through evaluation of technologies, gaming platforms, and games where he assesses products for accessibility options, inclusion, ease of use, and resulting recommendations to the vendors for changes they could make to allow those with disabilities to enjoy their passion. His goal – provide an environment where those with progressive disabilities like RP can continue to enjoy the things they love, even after progressing to a point where those activities would typically be difficult to impossible.

Chad’s theory, if we can make cars that are self-driving (all software and hardware driven), then the gaming industry should be able to easily follow suit.

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