Gee Griffiths

Gee Griffiths

BAFA Wheelchair American Football

I'm Gee Griffiths and I'm the Commissioner for Wheelchair American Football with BAFA the governing body for American football in the UK. I am also a member of a new development group set up to develop and promote the sport internationally. I've been involved in American football in the UK since the 80’s when I used to play, to now where I'm the chairman of that same club, a volunteer with both BAFA (British American Football Association), and IFAF (he International Federation for American Football), as well as holding down a full time job. About 2 ½ years ago I approached BAFA with the idea of creating a wheelchair version of the sport. I quickly got the go-ahead to develop this into a reality, where I worked on creating the sport and writing a specific rule book for the UK. Now nearly 3 years later I've had the pleasure of going out to meet lots of people who would like to play, grow, and see this sport flourish in the UK and globally. I have spent time visiting various expos and events to introduce the sport and held inclusive sessions across the country. I will continue to do this whilst creating 3 hubs, where we can evolve and grow the sport and allow clubs to develop from these. The 3 first hubs will be in the North, The Midlands and one in the South. My long term goal is to have a new exciting fast sport as part of the Paralympics, Invictus Games and The World Games, as well as many local team competing in a national league and our own Team GB competing internationally. Miracles can happen they just take time, and Wheelchair American Football will be here to stay for years to come!

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