External Speakers Policy


At Made2aid events, speakers

have brought and continue to bring great diversity of experience, insight and opinion, enriching our events and activities and sparking discussion and debate

Holding open, challenging debates rather than silencing the views of those we do not agree with helps to build tolerance and address prejudice and discrimination. Freedom of speech should be upheld at every opportunity and should only be limited where there are genuine safety concerns or it constitutes unlawful behaviour.


This policy aims to set a governing framework for Made2aid events with external speakers to ensure the debates, challenges and dissents are not only permitted but expected while safeguarding made2aid. The policy outlines the context for the approval of external speakers and events. This policy aims to ensure the framework we operate within when facilitating external speakers and the measures that may be required to support their event.


An ‘external speaker’ is anybody addressing a group at an event. When an employee of Made2aid speaks on a topic outside the scope of their job description, they will be deemed an external speaker.

An ‘event’ is any gathering hosted by Made2aid, an external venue or online in the name of Made2aid or trading names (Rise4disabiity, Disability Expo) that includes a speaker addressing a group, including those with lived experience of disability, carers or families setting or in the context of co-curricular

Organising an event

Made2aid aims for events to take place and mitigate risks where appropriate to enable this. Therefore, notice is required to allow sufficient time to put any risk mitigation measures required in place.

Risk assessment will include consideration of the speaker’s safety, attendees and Made2aid reputation. A potentially high-risk event may include where the speaker or topic of the event is political, religious or controversial in any way. Risk assessment is holistic and includes consideration of potential risks to the speaker, attendees, organiser and the institution; risks could be physical or reputational. The potential risks of the event not going ahead would likewise be considered.

Made2aid acknowledges that there are occasions, where opportunities for speakers arise at short notice or situations are fast changing. Where it has not been possible to follow these processes in the defined timescale, Made2aid will accommodate where possible but cannot commit to agreeing speaker slot.

Approval of an event with an external speaker

In the spirit of debate, Made2aid will generally seek to ensure that speakers identified as posing a risk will go ahead subject to the agreement of appropriate safeguards. Refusal or cancellation of speaking will only occur in exceptional circumstances, for example upon the advice of Police.

Where a proposed speaker presents potential high risks and/or possible reputational damage, to Made2aid they may be asked to leave. They will seek advice and guidance from relevant internal and external stakeholders. Where an speaker is assessed as high risk, made2aid will have the right to ask to see the speech’s transcript or the talk’s outline.

The Made2aid reserves the right to cancel, postpone or request modification to any speach at any time should risks be identified. Made2aid

may, amongst other things:

  • Request submission of the speeches in advance of the event;
  • Place a limit on attendees or to whom it is advertised/accessible
  • Seek declaration of attendees in advance of the event;

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  • Request stewards be provided by the organisers;
  • Ensure a presence Security to ensure good order;
  • Place a limitation on what attendees may bring to a venue, which may include banning food or drink or anything that could be used as a potential weapon;
  • Bag searches and ID checks;
  • Place a ban on banners, flags, placards or similar items being allowed into a venue and its immediate surroundings;
  • Alter the proceedings of the meeting and/or its facilitation
  • Cancel, prohibit or delay at any time.

Data Sharing

Where it deems there is a legitimate reason to do so, Made2aid reserves the right to share information on the external speakers it has hosted, and/or those it deemed to be a risk, with emergency services where there is a risk to life or protect them or others from serious harm.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed every three years unless there are internal or legislative changes that necessitate earlier review.

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