Gaming Priority Action Area for the Disability Expo
Uniting all abilities with hands-on gaming experiences, competitions, and cutting-edge assistive tech, paving the way toward an industry standard for accessible gaming.
Facts and Figures
  • 66% of gamers with disabilities said that they face barriers or issues related to gaming [Scope]
  • 31% of gamers with an impairment or condition would like to see gaming platforms tackle negative attitudes and bullying online [Scope]
  • 9.5 million people played Unchartered 4, launched in 2016, with an accessibility option [Gamers Radar]
The Problems
  • An undersupply of accessible solutions
  • Lack of awareness and affordability of existing solutions
Our Solution
Bring together all stakeholders and work towards creating an accessible software industry standard for gaming
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  • Assistive technology
  • Interactive gaming and entertainment experiences
  • Software companies
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  • General public
  • Disabled community
  • Gaming and ancillary industries
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  • Have-a-go gaming
  • Competitions
  • Panel discussions

Area Champion

Area Ambassador

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