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Cartoon style headshot of Eva Abley,  Comdian, Cerabel Palsey

Eva Abley

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My name is Eva Abley, I am 15 years old, and I am educated at home.

I have Cerebral Palsy and I made it to the live finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2022.

I have found a love for comedy, and I use it to help people to understand my disability.

In my spare time I am passionate about educating young children on the importance of accepting children with disabilities.

my mission is to educate all children, so nobody must go through what I did at school.

My future goals are to perform my comedy all over the country and to educate the next generation. As together we can make a difference.

Cartoon style headshot of Jamie Shields, Inclusive Content Ambassador.

Jamie Shields

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My name is Jamie. I’m a Registered Blind Rhino, (rhinos are just chubby unicorns with poor eyesight).

I live with Ocular Albinism with Nystagmus, which means I have a similar condition as an albino, only with pigmentation. Oh, and my eyes like to go for little walks.

I struggled with employment most of my life due to the simple fact that I have a Disability.

By using my lived experience of Disability, I want to promote Accessibility and Disability Inclusion.

Jamie is the founder of Inclusivi-T which is an on-air and online resource for Disability Inclusivity.

He was recently selected to take part in the very first LinkedIn Disability Creator programme, where he produced a six week programme of educational content.

Cartoon style headshot of Roxy Murray

Roxy Murray

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Roxy Murray is a London UK based sex and body positivity Queer MS & disability activist, podcaster, voice over artist, & fashion stylist. Roxy focuses her attention on creating better representation, consideration and inclusion within the MS narrative for people of colour and the LGBTQIA Community. She combines her love of fashion & art to empower others on their journeys while they navigate through life with a disability or invisible illness, by creating videos and Instagram content that celebrate the beauty of the community with her hashtag #WeAreNotInvisible. Roxy especially focuses her attention on helping others to take steps to release grief by openly talking about her own mental health battles. Highlighting real unfiltered stories and talking about taboo subjects like disabled Joy, sexual empowerment and more on her podcast (@sickandsickening_podcast) which can be found on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

Cartoon headshot of Ciara Lawrence

Ciara Lawrence

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Ciara is a person with a learning disability and is currently working for Mencap in the CEO Directorate Team and has worked for Mencap for 20 years.

Ciara’s job role is Big Plan Engagement lead. Ciara talks to people with a learning disability to make sure they are included in Mencap’s Big plan.

Ciara is really passionate about challenging negative views and perceptions about people with a learning disability.

One of the way Ciara does this is through her podcast casts that she started during Coronavirus pandemic.

A recent guests was Krishnan Guru- Murthy from Channel 4 news, u2’s The Edge, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and comedian Tim Vine. Ciara has also recently started having her own radio podcast show monthly on Surrey Hills Radio station.

Cartoon headshot of  Sylvia Mac,

Sylvia Mac

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My name is Sylvia Mac, Burns Survivor, Campaigner and Woman of the Year 2020. 

In Jan 2017, I set up Love Disfigure an online support network for people with visible/invisible/hidden differences and disabilities support them on social media learn to accept their body image.  My campaigns went viral appearing on tv and in the press.

Over the past 6 years, I have continued to take my campaigning to the streets, outside London Fashion week and Victoria’s Secret. 

I have received accolades including Point of Light award from Prime Minister Theresa May. 

My credibility raising awareness for those with scars, skin condition, health conditions and disabilities has helped me create a Talent Agency called Love Disfigure Talent. 

I am excited to take on my new role as Inclusive Talent Ambassador for Disability Expo.

Cartoon headshot of  Shaun Flores, Modal and OCD Advocate

Shaun Flores

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Shaun is a creative who knows no boundaries, an influencer aiming to have the right influence on the world.

His creative journey was recently thrown a curveball with his ‘Pure O’ OCD diagnosis at 27 years old.

He has worked with OCD charities to raise awareness and shatter archaic myths about OCD.

His diagnosis has encouraged him to widen the conversation about mental health, especially in the black community.

He has written candidly about his OCD experience which can be found via articles for Kindred Magazine, The Book Of Man and The Model Cloud Magazine & Orchard OCD.

He is also a public speaker with two TEDx Talks.

Shaun also delivered a lecture at the BAME conference at Roehampton University in 2017 about diversifying the curriculum.

Cartoon headshot of Nike Wilson ,  Disability Advoctae

Nick Wilson

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Nick Wilson is a Speaker, Presenter and Disabled Adventurer.

He’s an Ambassador for Purple Tuesday and MyBility Wheelchairs, whilst campaigning for suicide prevention and champions accessibile activities through his adventures.

He’s also an Army Veteran, serving 14 years and deploying to war zones around the globe, resulting in a spinal injury and PTSD.

Through experiencing physical and mental disabilities, an attempted suicide and managing suicidal ideation.

Nick continually demonstrates his resilience and the ability to overcome adversity, by using his lived experiences to help others and completing the challenges he tackles.

Cartoon headshot of Mike Cowan Jones, Occupational Therpaist and Autism Champion

Mike Cowan-Jones

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Mike is a highly experienced occupational therapist and trainer. He qualified as an occupational therapist in 1991 and has been a trainer since 2006. As director of ARMS Rehab Limited, he provides training directly to the social and health sectors and provides training in partnership with other training providers to universities around the country. Mike’s training is fun, practical and relevant and he is highly respected within his field.

Mike is also a husband and father to three girls.  Two of his children are autistic.

 Mike always thought he knew about autism until his children were diagnosed.  

Since then, he and his family have been on a rollercoaster journey of discovery.  

Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Cartoonised headshot of Shezad Nawab MBE, our Deaf Business Ambassador.

Shezad Nawab (MBE)

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Shezad Nawab is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been honoured with a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services in the field of business and diversity.

His mission is to increase the number of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK through networking and collaboration.

Since 2009, he has been empowering, and counselling deaf people in business and entrepreneurship as well as supporting Disabled and non-disabled entrepreneurs. Through making resources and business information more accessible, Shezad aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and mainstream businesses.

Cartoon headshot of  Chandy Green, Social Service Care Worker

Chandy Green

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Chandy is a disability and mental health campaigner with a passion for helping people know more about disability rights and how to be an ally for disabled people.

He has a degree in social work and has just finished his MA in human rights. Chandy works with various organisations to help educate students in health, social care, and related professions to understand the social model of disability.

As well as being our advocate, Chandy is heavily involved in the content creation for Social Media.

Cartoon headshot of  Andy Wright Travel Expert

Andy Wright

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Andy was born with Cerebral Palsy and was reliant on a wheelchair for mobility until the age of 8.

When he joined the scouts the sight of his friends running around inspired him to try and walk a few feet, Karate training also helped him to improve his balance and co-ordination.

Over the years Andy’s career path has seen him involved in computer software, programming and engineering.

In 2004 he had a change of role to an Employment Advisor for the Shaw Trust, working with ex-drug users to help them back into work.

Andy is hoping to move his physical career to a more virtual and intellectual path that will help him overcome the physical limitations he has developed.

In 2016 his Youtube Channel ‘Talking Really’ took shape, focusing on the disability aspects of life, including travel vlogs.

Headshot of George Tappenden

George Tappenden

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I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and am a full time wheelchair user.

I have protested outside NICE, spoken to MPs in Parliment and appeared in local and national telelevion and newspapers advocating for the first ever treatment for my condition alongside members of the community.

I participated in a trial for the first oral treatment for SMA called Risdiplam in Paris. The positive outcomes were given in evidence at the NICE appraisal and it is now available on the NHS via a Managed Access Agreement.

I have participated in a advertising campaign for a major supermarket brand appearing in their TV advert and in every store across the country. I am regularly auditioning for TV, Film and modelling jobs.

I am a drummer and take weekly lesssons, I also enjoy gaming, lego and drawing.

I believe in equity first and then equality. I would like to live in a accessible and inclusive world. I believe strongly in inclusive media representation and that it is important for individuals with a disability and without to grow up seeing all representations of society in the media making it the norm and hopefully eradicating discrimination and bullying.

Cartoon headshot of  Nettie Holland, amazing BSL Interaptor

Nettie Holland

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Hi my Name is Nettie and I am a qualified and registered RSLI (Registered Sign Language interpreter) based in the South East.

My official name is Annette, but I am widely known as Nettie.

From 2008-2022 I had been a Communication Support Worker in the Further Education Sector and an active member and familiar face within the Deaf community.

Then in 2021 I became a freelance interpreter  working in different domains.

I am well-known for organising and launching Deaf events, establishing BSL social gatherings and participating in voluntary work.

Previously I have been  a volunteer for Deaf committees and became a Committee member as the only hearing person.

I am very passionate  on instilling the Deaf community their equal rights and access, encourage empowerment to protect and embed their culture; breaking down the barriers that Deaf people face every day.

So Deafness is embraced cementing their identity, norms and values. I unequivocally support Deaf empowerment and full access to communication.

I am very excited and honoured in becoming Disability Expo official British Sign language interpreter.

My Motto is “I see each day to learn and the opportunity to give in return.”

Headshot of Amy Ali, Event Ambassador.

Amy Butterfield

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My name is Amy Butterfield.

My ears are broken but my physical body is not broken. I am a User of British Sign Language and used this beautiful language most of my life.

It is still clear that the Deaf community still has barriers to accessibility of Communication that needs to be broken down and awareness of Deafness is much needed and is invisible to some.

We all need access regardless of disability
I am very passionate on instilling the Deaf community their equal rights and access, encourage empowerment to protect our culture; breaking down the barriers that Deaf people face every day, I embrace my identity as Deaf and proud of my culture. Believing and reinforcing Deaf empowerment and full access to communication.

Cartoon headshot of  Ashley Archer, Modal and Mobility expert

Ashley Archer

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I live to inspire people and promote disability awareness.

Ashley Archer is the founder of Rise Above Limits (R.A.L) and is living proof that no matter what may stand in your way, success is achievable.

He understands the physical and mental strength needed to overcome challenges as a sportsman, and in life.

As a public speaker Ashley motivates audiences to move beyond their limitations and into their greatness.

Ashley was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, a condition that affects his legs, and means he uses a wheelchair.

Having struggled with self-belief, seeing David Weir win four gold medals at the 2012 Paralympics inspired him to pursue training at Weir’s wheelchair racing club, and led to a professional career as a wheelchair racer as part of the GB Talent Squad.

Rather than limit himself to one discipline, Ashley has also competed in basketball playing for the London Titans and currently plays sledge ice hockey for the Peterborough Phantoms and with the GB Squad.

Ashley has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets including BBC, ITV, Channel 5 News and Sky News.

He has also modelled as the face of various disability campaigns and has taken on acting roles.

Cartoonised headshot of Ambassador Jurgen Donaldson

Jurgen Donaldson

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Jurgen has spent more than 18 years in the recruitment and talent acquisition field, working for a wide selection of multinational organisations.

In 2019, he lost his eyesight and became an advocate for his community, as well as becoming an advocate for the importance of disability inclusion in the workplace.

He is also an executive board member of the recruitment industry disability initiative RIDI and an ambassador for the Vision Foundation.

Headshot of Terri-Louise Brown, Ambassador.

Terri-Louise Brown

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Terri-Louise Brown is a proud mother, visionary Founder and CEO of Talks with M.S., a registered charity providing
support for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Her personal journey with MS began in 2016, when she was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
following an episode of paralysis from the waist down.

This experience inspired her to create a supportive space for
fellow MS’ers and led to the establishment of Talks with M.S.

Terri-Louise is an engaging speaker who shares her experiences and insights on a range of topics, including
advocacy, the unique challenges faced by being a black woman with a disability, and the intersection of race, gender,
and disability.

She also speaks about the importance of representation within the disability community, particularly the need for
more black and brown voices to be heard.

Despite disability not always being visible, Terri-Louise is committed to
breaking down stereotypes and promoting greater understanding and acceptance

Cartoon headshot of  Kris Foster

Kris Foster

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Hi, my name is Kris Foster and I am a male member of the disabled community.

Although I shouldn’t be defined by my disability my life experiences have shaped me into the person who I am.

I have Aarskog syndrome, a genetic disorder related to Down’s Syndrome, and I have cervical spondylosis, a spinal condition that affects my movement. I am also autistic.

I work for a finance and technology company, as an Office Engagement Assistant.

I work within the team who manage the day to day running and management of the offices.

My tasks include setting up meeting rooms in preparation for each working day, ordering of furniture and consumables, and I meet and greet visitors to the company.

I have also been given the opportunity to represent my company at conferences where I spoke about employability for people with disabilities.

Outside of work I am the co-founder of a media platform called ‘Open Book’ where we highlight and celebrate individuals with disabilities.

Our mission has two main aims 1. To allow individuals within the disabled community, to be able to showcase their talents and have their voices heard. 2.

To raise awareness and challenge the perceptions of big brands and large corporations towards creating fairer employment opportunities for all. Our values are: Collaborate, Challenge, Celebrate.

Interests: Fashion, music, poetry, community outreach

Headshot of Ambassador Lorraine Stanley

Lorraine Stanley

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Lorraine Stanley is the Founder & CEO of SWAD (Sex With A Difference) SWAD trains social services and health care professionals, in the private and public sectors (Service Providers), about the sexual health needs of people with disabilities. They also support disabled people, partner carers and parent carers regarding sexual expression. She delivers training at a local, regional, national (and international) level.

Lorraine is a nominee for the National Diversity Awards 2023, and was a finalist in the Grassroots Initiative of the Year in the Sexual Health Awards 2022. She sees activism as key in championing the rights of disabled people, whether it’s the right to sexual expression, to have accessible housing, or employment/business opportunities. She raises awareness of the need for Changing Places toilets, and the value to business of the Purple Pound (the spending power of disabled people). Her goal is to make Dorset the number one accessible destination county in the UK.

This year she has launched a “Better Access for Better Access” campaign. The goal is to have at least one hoisting system, and a set of leg supports, on at least one examination couch, in every sexual health clinic and GP surgery in the UK, by 31 December 2024″. Also, Lorraine has published an eBook called Sexual Health Clinics, GP Clinics & Disabled People – A Guide for Better Access”, which is currently available on the SWAD website.

Please note that any of our ambassadors’ opinions published outside of our official channels are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Disability Expo.

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