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Please note that any of our advocates’ opinions published outside of our official channels are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Disability Expo.

Chandy Green
Disability Hate Crime Advocate

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Chandy is a disability and mental health campaigner with a passion for helping people know more about disability rights and how to be an ally for disabled people.

He has a degree in social work and has just finished his MA in human rights. Chandy works with various organisations to help educate students in health, social care, and related professions to understand the social model of disability.

As well as being our advocate, Chandy is heavily involved in the content creation for Social Media.

Andy Wright
Overseas Disability Travel Advocate

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Andy was born with Cerebral Palsy and was reliant on a wheelchair for mobility until the age of 8. When he joined the scouts the sight of his friends running around inspired him to try and walk a few feet, Karate training also helped him to improve his balance and co-ordination.

Over the years Andy’s career path has seen him involved in computer software, programming and engineering. In 2004 he had a change of role to an Employment Advisor for the Shaw Trust, working with ex-drug users to help them back into work. He even taught Tai Chi until back pain and an eventual operation in 2014 made this difficult.

Andy is hoping to move his physical career to a more virtual and intellectual path that will help him overcome the physical limitations he has developed. In 2016 his Youtube Channel ‘Talking Really’ took shape, focusing on the disability aspects of life, including travel vlogs.

Roger Warner
Accessible Vehicle and Travel Advice Advocate

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Roger’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the challenges disabled people face when switching to personal EV transportation.

He himself has been disabled, and a wheelchair user, since an accident in 1973. Roger’s career has spanned over 47 years, across multiple business sectors including; advertising, marketing, exhibitions, publishing, online technology development, real estate development, retailing and the travel industry.

Roger took delivery of his first EV in December 2021 and soon after launched his YouTube channel, ‘Warner’s Wheeling About’. A video blog of his escapades in wheelchairs and cars, sharing his experiences and how he deals with life‘s challenges as a disabled person. He hopes to inspire others with difficult obstacles to overcome, to optimistically make the best of their own lives and circumstances. 

Lauren Gilbert
Neurodivergency in Higher Education Ambassador

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Hi! I’m Lauren (they/she) and I’m a 21 year old disabled student, content creator and activist. Online I go by @neurodiversitywithlozza, where I regularly post content about my lived experiences of being disabled and provide my opinions on current issues through writing.

I’m extremely passionate about inciting change in society and being involved with other members of the disability community, and alongside my work I’m the Disability Officer of Newcastle University Student’s Union, a member of the NHS Youth Forum and I study Astrophysics.

Cartoonised headshot of Shezad Nawab MBE, our Deaf Business Ambassador.

Shezad Nawab (MBE)
Deaf Business Ambassador

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Shezad Nawab is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been honoured with a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services in the field of business and diversity.

His mission is to increase the number of deaf entrepreneurs in the UK through networking and collaboration. Since 2009, he has been empowering, and counselling deaf people in business and entrepreneurship as well as supporting Disabled and non-disabled entrepreneurs. Through making resources and business information more accessible, Shezad aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and mainstream businesses.

Shaun Flores
OCD Awareness Ambassador

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Shaun is a creative who knows no boundaries, an influencer aiming to have the right influence on the world.

His creative journey was recently thrown a curveball with his ‘Pure O’ OCD diagnosis at 27 years old. He has worked with OCD charities to raise awareness and shatter archaic myths about OCD. His diagnosis has encouraged him to widen the conversation about mental health, especially in the black community.

He has written candidly about his OCD experience which can be found via articles for Kindred Magazine, The Book Of Man and The Model Cloud Magazine & Orchard OCD. He is also a public speaker with two TEDx Talks. Shaun also delivered a lecture at the BAME conference at Roehampton University in 2017 about diversifying the curriculum.

Eva Abley
Young Talent Ambassador

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My name is Eva Abley, I am 15 years old, and I am educated at home. I have Cerebral Palsy and I made it to the live finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2022. I have found a love for comedy, and I use it to help people to understand my disability. In my spare time I am passionate about educating young children on the importance of accepting children with disabilities, my mission is to educate all children, so nobody must go through what I did at school. My future goals are to perform my comedy all over the country and to educate the next generation. As together we can make a difference.

Sylvia Mac
Inclusive Talent Ambassador

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My name is Sylvia Mac, Burns Survivor, Campaigner and Woman of the Year 2020.  In Jan 2017, I set up Love Disfigure an online support network for people with visible/invisible/hidden differences and disabilities support them on social media learn to accept their body image.  My campaigns went viral appearing on tv and in the press. Over the past 6 years, I have continued to take my campaigning to the streets, outside London Fashion week and Victoria’s Secret.  I have received accolades including Point of Light award from Prime Minister Theresa May.  My credibility raising awareness for those with scars, skin condition, health conditions and disabilities has helped me create a Talent Agency called Love Disfigure Talent.  I am excited to take on my new role as Inclusive Talent Ambassador for Disability Expo.

Mike Cowan-Jones
SEN Parent Ambassador

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Mike is a highly experienced occupational therapist and trainer. He qualified as an occupational therapist in 1991 and has been a trainer since 2006. As director of ARMS Rehab Limited, he provides training directly to the social and health sectors and provides training in partnership with other training providers to universities around the country. Mike’s training is fun, practical and relevant and he is highly respected within his field.

Mike is also a husband and father to three girls.  Two of his children are autistic.  Mike always thought he knew about autism until his children were diagnosed.  Since then, he and his family have been on a rollercoaster journey of discovery.  Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often challenging but ultimately rewarding  Mike and his family will share with you their experiences with health, social care and the education services as well as within life in general.   He and his family look forward to seeing you at the show

Lydia Wilkins
Event Ambassador

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Lydia Wilkins is a freelance journalist who covers disability and social issues; her work has been published in places like The Independent, Refinery 29, The Metro and Insider. She is the host and producer of The Disabled Debrief Podcast With Conscious Being Magazine. She is also an ambassador for AccessAble, and her debut book, The Autism Friendly Cookbook, is out now.

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