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A little about the brothers:

Evan is 8 years old, he has Down Syndrome. Evan is a Stroke survivor; he had a significant stroke which has left him unable to walk well and uses his wheelchair. He lost the use of his left arm unfortunately which with therapy he is working hard to try and get some use back. He is a very lovable and sociable young man and loves to joke around a lot. He would turn any frown upside down.

Evans survival story:
Evan’s Survival Story – Brothers Awareness Emporium (

Olly is 7 years old, Olly is Autistic, non-speaking, and has Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). He loves swimming/splashing and large out door areas where he can run around at speed to burn of his energy

For many individuals with disabilities, pursuing traditional employment can be a daunting prospect strewn with challenges and uncertainties. This frightens us as parents, and this is the reason why we want them to have purpose at a young age.

Overcoming challenges and developing confidence is vital and this opportunity serves both for the boys, it also raises awareness of disabilities/hidden disabilities and provides the boys a chance to build something from the ground up whilst young. Not only does it provide this, but it provides them with therapy, interaction, its therapeutic, confidence building and much more. As parents, we will do our utmost to allow boys to experience a life they deserve.

In addition, promoting disability awareness starts from home. A place where the positive attitudes, values and customs are reinforced on a regular basis. Home is dear to everyone, a place of comfort and understanding towards every aspect of life.

We would love to see ‘the brothers’ products in your home.

Teaching about disability will help in breaking social barriers and allow a better, wholesome approach to inclusion of people with disabilities and we hope you will support the boys whilst they are building their empire, by using their own fair hands.

Should there be any suggestions regarding products which could be developed, feel free to leave feedback. If for any reason you need to contact us about your order or concerning any of the products please


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