Celtic Therapy & Rehab Services

Celtic Therapy & Rehab Services



We are a team of highly trained Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Engineers based in South Wales with over 35 years’ experience of providing wheelchairs and seating in NHS, Private and Charitable sectors. We are also highly skilled at providing clinical education and training to Therapists, Suppliers, Case Managers and Wheelchair users.

Did your last wheelchair or seating equipment not really meet your needs?

Were you assessed by an experienced Health Professional? Was it a complicated process?

Getting the right wheelchair or seating for you requires the correct assessment of your needs and determining the correct product features.

Our unique combination of Occupational Therapist and Rehab Engineer skills ensures that the assessment, supply and aftercare of your wheelchair and seating are designed to meet all aspects of your lifestyle.
We have teamed up with the industry’s best manufacturers to ensure that we can offer a range of solutions to meet your every need and the maintenance support to ensure it keeps working as it should.

01554 229725
222 Swansea Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe, Swansea, SA8 4BX

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