Depher CIC

Depher CIC



A registered Community Initiative Company, Depher relies on public donations to cover the cost of labour and materials, allowing it to provide free services during winter months and discounted services at other times.

Depher provides urgent emergency works such as repairing gas leaks, installing new boilers and heating systems – and providing running hot water to those without it.

Since Depher was launched, James has supported over 17,000 people and during the pandemic also branched out into helping distribute personal protective equipment and food to his community.

In 2021, Depher and James were awarded a Points of Light Award by the Office of the Prime Minister.

In a letter to James, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I was inspired to learn about how you have used your professional skills to help over 16,000 vulnerable people with free emergency plumbing and heating services.
“You have dedicated countless hours of your time and raised thousands of pounds to help those in need. It is a brilliantly practical way of serving others.”

A man of few words but many actions, James replied: “I am very humbled to be receive this special award. I would like to thank the Prime Minister’s office for the recognition of the work we do in the community. Without the support from our community and from other donors worldwide Depher would not be able to continue as it does. I appreciate all the support I get.”

01282 420 678
24 Keirby Walk, Burnley, BB11 2DE

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