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PosAbility Magazine has been serving the disabled community for over 10 years. The magazine itself is a lifestyle magazine that specifically caters for disabled people and families with disabled children. We create a magazine that disabled people want to read and we strive to ensure that our magazine showcases a wide range of voices from the disabled community.

We celebrate disability and difference. We follow the social model of disability that believes that people are disabled by society and not by their impairment, and our editorial content reflects this absolutely. PosAbility exists as a platform to showcase disabled voices and we are always on the lookout for disabled writers to join our freelance network.

Our columnists are well-known, influential voices in the disabled community who are often called upon to comment on disability rights in the media. Mik Scarlet, Sam Renke, Dan White, Jane Hatton and Ian Taverner each bring their own unique perspective on life. Their regular instalments captivate our readership as they pen relatable and thought-provoking pieces, share humorous life stories and passionately seethe about injustices that still exist in our society for disabled people, their families and carers.

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